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FMF Vegas

Project Info

Our goal was to create an awesome platform, sponsorship decks, and marketing videos to promote the events for FMF Vegas.


FMF Vegas

FMF Vegas is an event that focuses on highlighting diversity in the fashion, music, and film industries.


Las Vegas, NV

FMF Vegas is based in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, NV.


7/2019 - Present

We began developing the platform and event marketing and promotion materials of July 2019.


FMF Vegas worked with us to create the best urban-based platform in Las Vegas, NV. This project required the creation of new social media pages, website, and complete branding.

We began with developing the Logo and sponsorship deck to allow their team to get to work. In the meantime we created an amazing website and videos to compliment the brand.s

The Results

Providing exposure for indie talent


The Engagement.

We increased the engagement from zero to over 3000%

Connecting with the audience

The Visuals

The visuals for this project were designed with a “VH1” feel to attract a younger, more millennial demographic.


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