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In The Mix Now

​The #1 Source on TV for Entertainment and Urban News in Las Vegas


Las Vegas, NV

In The Mix Now is aired in the Las Vegas, NV market and will be expanding to Phoenix, AZ and Reno, NV in 2020.


Launch date

January 07, 2020 on the CW Las Vegas


“In The Mix” is a joint venture production collaboration, founded in 2019 by Jessica Washington (ZumaSocial) and Valorie McConnell (Val TV Network) to leverage cutting-edge technology for both production and the global distribution of entertainment content. The partners of the venture have been renowned for their high-quality content production and producing groundbreaking series worldwide.

Over the next decade the mission of this show is to display “Urban Elevation” by creating innovative audio-visual content and connecting viewers with programming they can relate to. The goal of In The Mix is to provide viewers a window from Las Vegas into the world of entertainment, sports, music, gaming, lifestyle, and more.

In The Mix

Ad Spots, Product Placement, TV / Film

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